Q: What is Kayamila®?

A: Kayamila® is a sweet spread that is made with nutritious coconut and eggs!


Q: Does Kayamila® contain gum or pectin?

A: No,  Kayamila® is naturally curdled with fresh whole eggs instead of gum or pectin.


Q: I am lactose in tolerant, can I eat Kayamila®?

A: Other than Kayamila® Sea-salt caramel (which contains a tiny amount of lactose due to butter), Kayamila® spreads are lactose free! So you can enjoy them even with lactose intolerance.


Q: What preservatives do you use?

A: Kayamila does not use any artificial preservatives in our products. Our strict production control and the natural preservative properties of sugar increases its shelf life!


Q: How do I eat Kayamila® ?

A: Have it on crispy toast, with or without butter, or add Kayamila® into your favourite baking recipes for a twist. Enjoy the creations of your imagination, the sky is the limit!